When did you last write a letter?

writing a letter on headed notepaper
I mean picking up a pen and putting ink to paper

In this world of instant electronic communications, sharing socially at the click of the button or moreover the tap of a touchscreen on your smartphone, you’d think the old school pen and ink method of communication would be dead.

What is it about receiving a personal letter through the post? Does it carry more charisma than an email. Is it because the sender took time and effort to consider their words; the sentiment that they carry may be cherished for years to come. Is there a greater gravitas in the thought that goes into a letter over an electronic message.

Electronic communications can be transient as times, whereas a letter has a permanence, a more soulful connection between two people and the thought of ripping the paper and throwing it in the bin is like tearing at your heart strings.

Debretts sum it up quite well:
“Writing by hand focuses the mind. There is no delete button, no backspace, so words must be considered and chosen carefully before being committed to paper, making their meaning all the more succinct. Handwritten notes are both personal and permanent; a love letter is worth a thousand texts.”

So isn’t about time you took some time and trouble to write someone a letter. It may enrich their life, and yours too.

But nobody writes letters any more?!

It’s true to say letter writing has been a declining art in recent years, but these days that is precisely the point. Think how special it feels to receive something through the post that is personal, tactile, just for you, just because.

In amongst the bank statements, bills and postal detritus a little nugget of luxury from an old friend or an invite to the annual family barbeque (where it will rain, again). Something you can sit down with for a few minutes, log out, and enjoy reading over and over again.


Our Customer-base definitely goes against any notion that letter writing is old hat. All ages and backgrounds take pleasure in this simplest of every day luxuries. In fact I would dare to say that it is more important than ever for us to do so now, in our always-on society.

Taking care to show that you’ve taken care is a commodity which is both limitless and priceless whilst conversely affordable. Yes, you can spend a fortune on personal stationery, but there isn’t any need to.  Nor do you need someone to design it for you, just an internet connection and an idea.

There really is nothing quite like the feel of your own personal stationery. It certainly isn’t just paper.

There really is nothing quite like handwritten thoughts from an old friend. It certainly isn’t just a letter.

So why not make it a goal to write to someone?  It’s about time.